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PP strapping


* This product is made of pure polypropylene materials, no waste doping, good color, tension, and high bond to ensure that your product packaging firm, and do not fall off.

*Full use of new materials made of the lightest weight, the same quality, the length of the longest, real cheap¡£

*The product with the semi-automatic strapping machine, fully automatic strapping machine no efficiency in the use of the best.


type width Tensile fracture Elongation length/KG packaging raw material
Length / Volume Core diameter Packaging unit
9H 9.0mm >700N <20% >350m 3500m 200mm 2roll/package


Calcium carbonate, pigments¡¶=5%

12H 12.0mm >900N <20% >300m 3000m 200mm 2roll/package
13.5H 13.5mm >1000N <20% >280m 2500m 200mm 2roll/package
13.5H 13.5mm >1500N <20% >230m 2200m 250mm 2roll/package
15.5H 15.5mm >1800N <20% >190m 2500m 200mm 2roll/package
19H 19.0mm >2000N <20% >170m 2000m 200mm 2roll/package

Standard in the table above, other special requirements or special color can be customized according to customer needs.




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